About Us

Established in 2011, we are a fast growing energy and mineral mining development company founded by experienced entrepreneurs. Having a well trained human resources with an experience of at least 10 up to 30 years in energy and mineral mining fields.

MARRIS holds a number of multi-commodity mining tenements and mineral ore processing-refinery in Indonesia, have been able to secure tenements for highly rated minerals such as coal, gold, nickel, manganese and also classified sands, sea sands and limestone for construction development, reclamation and cement manufactures.

Beyond our mineral resource operations, we also engaged closely with our reputable international partners to work in clean and renewable energy projects such as Barge mounted Dual Fired (LNG/MFO) Power Plant, Micro Hydro, Biomass Power Plant, Waste to Energy Power Plant in BOT (Built Operate and Transfer) investment schemes.

With our foray into the area of renewable energy, we are slowly becoming a group more focused on harnessing the potential of our natural resources to benefit our communities and the country in general.

Fundamental to the way we do business as a responsible corporate citizen is our commitment to operate in a sustainable manner, protecting the environment, nurturing active communities and ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved in our operations. For this we have been recognized time and again, by the Government, the industry and by other award-giving bodies.

As an evolving natural resources company, we are committed to the highest standards in everything that we do.

Our Vision & Mission:

MARRIS is a multi-asset precious and base metal mining company with high quality production and development assets in Indonesia by developing a reliable multi-mineral integrated mining – processing – refining platform in Indonesia serving the domestic and international markets at the highest standards to achieve customers satisfaction.

And being an innovating company, to develop reliable clean and renewable energy producer for regional electricity supply needs with long term environmental conservation and energy preservation outlook.