Waste to Energy


  • Future investment
    Creating a cleaner and more dignified cities through recycling and electricity generating to enhance society’s life quality.
  • Integrated Vision
    Experiencing in waste industries makes us able to see vast upon building a concept solution : Upstream Downstream, Logistics, Appropriate Technology, Legality, Money, & Risks.
  • Solution oriented
    We do not represent one vendor or one type of technology instead they build a waste service solution and integrated energy.


Good Waste Management enhance the quality of living through:

  • Preventing uncontrolled  Dioxin & Furan exposure
    Chemicals that are produced because of burning waste contains chlorine (salt, pvc, etc.) which are classified by US-EPA as the most dangerous chemicle for human even more than DDT, because of its danger even in a small doses. (ppm)impact of dioxin & furan:
    -damages reproduction system
    -interferes brain growth
    -damages body endurance
    -affects body hormonal systemmost countries nowadays actively prevents dioxin & furan from being made.
    Landfill fire, happens almost every year throughout all Indonesian cities1. Landfill fire at Rawa Kucing, Tangerang, August 2015;
    2. Landfill fire at Bantargebang, Bekasi, September 2015;
    3. Landfill fire at Sumur Batu, Bekasi, September 2015;
    4. Landfill fire at Suwung, Bali, August 2015;
    5. Landfill fire at Putri Cempo, Solo, September 2015;
    6. Landfill fire at Jatibarang, Semarang, September 2015;
    7. Landfill fire at Tamangapa, Makasar, October 2015
    and many more.Fire extinction on landfills usually happens throughout the week or months.
    The fire is harder to control because of the accumulation of methane gas coming from the decomposition of organic wastes, and lots of other flammable materials.
  • Preventing ground water contamination caused by Leachate water.
    Leachate water contains lots of bacteria, rotten smell, and is corrosive.
    It kills fishes and plants and ruins the ecosystem.
    Its bacteria spoils the city water quality through contaminating its ground water deposit.
    Contaminated ground water must be taken care of intensively before deemed usable for human. Leachate water must be handeled before released into the environment. (river or sea)

Regions that manage their wastes well:

  • Puts waste management as an strategic industry that drives economic activity.
    –  Job vacancies for recycling activity, generating electricity, composting, research, etc.
    –  Increased city land value because of untainted environment.
    –  Increased economic activity and city tourism value because of sanitary improvement, air       quality,water, and electricity supply.
  • Decreases non-productive expenses from APBD
    – Increased effectivity of waste fleet, decrease on garbage truck queuing at landfills resulting in decrease of garbage truck needed.
    – Decreasing health insurance cost because of good environment and sanitary.
    – Decreasing raw water cleaning cost. Raw water that are uncontaminated doesn’t need high processing cost.



  • Operationally Safe
  • High Reliability
  • Simple Operation
  • High Volume Reduction


  • Highest Processing Costs Per Ton.
  • No flexibility in term of capacity

Integrated Waste Management System

  • Combining aspects:
    – Reusing
    – Energy utilization from wastes
    – Increasing landfills function
  • Others:
    – Endurance on wastes service
    – Business aspect and financial sustainability
    – Environmental aspect and accepted by the society.